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Ramon Pajares Box's classical music files

You will find in this page classical music files in three different formats:

MIDI and MP3 files can be played by clicking on the link, but you can also download them to your hard disk (right-click and select Save Link or Save Target). To view or play NWC files you'll need release 1.75 of either NoteWorthy Player (freeware) or Composer (shareware).

All these sequences have been transcribed by me. They are free and 'open source'.   :-)
If you use them publicly, a bit of credit will be appreciated.

Special thanks to Javier García-Conde Zalba for making this site possible.

17th century

SANZ, GASPAR (Spain, 1640-1710)
Spanish suite, for guitar (1674)
0. Complete version: 14'09" 85k MIDI 26k NWC 16.5m MP3 05/00
1. Españoletas: 1'28" 5k MIDI 3k NWC 1.7m MP3 05/00
2. Gallarda y Villano: 1'03" 6k MIDI 3k NWC 1.2m MP3 05/00
3. Danza de las hachas: 0'41" 8k MIDI 2k NWC 0.8m MP3 05/00
4. Rujero y Paradetas: 1'12" 11k MIDI 3k NWC 1.4m MP3 05/00
5. Zarabanda al ayre español: 1'13" 15k MIDI 3k NWC 1.4m MP3 05/00
6. Passacalle de la Cavallería de Nápoles: 1'34" 9k MIDI 5k NWC 1.8m MP3 05/00
7. Folías: 2'10" 12k MIDI 4k NWC 2.5m MP3 05/00
8. La miñona de Cataluña: 1'28" 8k MIDI 5k NWC 1.7m MP3 05/00
9. Canarios: 3'12" 21k MIDI 8k NWC 3.7m MP3 05/00

18th century

HAYDN, FRANZ JOSEF (Austria, 1732-1809)
Symphony no. 94 "Surprise", in G major (1792)
1. Adagio cantabile-Vivace assai: 8'37" 112k MIDI 23k NWC 12.1m MP3 02/03
2. Andante: 5'57" 43k MIDI 11k NWC 8.3m MP3 02/03
3. Menuetto-Allegro molto: 4'09" 53k MIDI 8k NWC 5.9m MP3 02/03
4. Finale-Allegro molto: 3'55" 52k MIDI 16k NWC 5.6m MP3 02/03

LIDÓN, JOSÉ (Spain, 1746-1827)
Quartet in concerto form, for string and horn (1800)
Allegro magestuoso: 3'28" 21k MIDI 6k NWC 4.1m MP3 07/99
Largo-Allegretto: 4'50" 20k MIDI 5k NWC 5,7m MP3 07/99

MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS (Austria, 1756-1791)
Concerto No. 14 for piano and orchestra in E flat major, K. 449 (1784)
1. Allegro vivace: 8'47" 85k MIDI 23k NWC 12.4m MP3 06/00
2. Andantino: 6'43" 34k MIDI 12k NWC 9.4m MP3 06/00
3. Allegro ma non troppo: 6'20" 63k MIDI 20k NWC 8.9m MP3 06/00
Note: Version 2.0.
Many thanks to Harald Müller for transcribing the cadenzas and for finding a fair lot of mistakes.

ALBÉNIZ, MATEO (Spain, 1760-1831)
Sonata, arrg. for guitar
Zapateado: 1'38" 11k MIDI 7k NWC 2.1m MP3 12/99

PAXARÓN, JULIÁN (Spain, ????-????)
Concerto for two organs (1807)
Single movement: 4'35" 41k MIDI 8k NWC 5.4m MP3 05/04
Note: This sequence assumes that the listener is close to the left channel organ.
The right channel organ is slightly more distant.

19th century

ROSSINI, GIOACCHINO (Italy, 1792-1868)
L'Italiana in Algeri, comic opera (1813)
Overture: 8'11" 127k MIDI 23k NWC 11.5m MP3 08/00

Los esclavos felices (The Happy Slaves), opera (1820)
Obertura: 7'35" 188k MIDI 25k NWC 10.7m MP3 12/98
Symphony, in D Major (1826)
1. Adagio. Allegro vivace: 9'22" 118k MIDI 31k NWC 13.2m MP3 08/03
2. Andante: 6'47" 58k MIDI 13k NWC 9.5m MP3 08/03
3. Minuetto. Allegro: 3'41" 46k MIDI 8k NWC 5.1m MP3 08/03
4. Allegro con moto: 4'40" 72k MIDI 20k NWC 6.6m MP3 08/03

SCHUMANN, ROBERT (Germany, 1810-1856)
Symphony No. 2, in C major, op. 61 (1846)
3. Adagio espressivo: 9'57" 67k MIDI 15k NWC   12/99

El Barberillo de Lavapiés (The Little Barber of Lavapiés), zarzuela (1874)
Canción de Paloma: 2'53" 47k MIDI 9k NWC   03/99
Selection: 9'53" 132k MIDI 35k NWC   05/99
Note: Canción de Paloma is also included in Selection.

BRUCKNER, ANTON (Austria, 1824-1896)
Symphony No. 7, in E major (1884)
1. Allegro moderato: 20'26" 144k MIDI 38k NWC 19.1m MP3 11/99

SAINT-SAËNS, CAMILLE (France, 1835-1921)
The Carnival of the Animals, big zoological fantasy (1886)
0. Complete version: 22'14" 237k MIDI 56k NWC 26.1m MP3 09/99
1. Introduction and Royal March of the Lion: 2'09" 36k MIDI 8k NWC 2.5m MP3 09/99
2. Hens and Cockerels: 1'04" 6k MIDI 3k NWC 1.3m MP3 09/99
3. Wild Asses: 0'34" 14k MIDI 3k NWC 0.7m MP3 09/99
4. Tortoises: 2'03" 16k MIDI 4k NWC 2.3m MP3 09/99
5. The Elephant: 1'23" 8k MIDI 4k NWC 1.6m MP3 09/99
6. Kangaroos: 0'51" 11k MIDI 2k NWC 1.0m MP3 09/99
7. Aquarium: 2'17" 27k MIDI 6k NWC 2.8m MP3 09/99
8. Persons with Long Ears: 0'43" 3k MIDI 2k NWC 0.8m MP3 09/99
9. The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Woods: 2'11" 9k MIDI 4k NWC 2.5m MP3 09/99
10. Aviary: 1'07" 17k MIDI 5k NWC 1.5m MP3 09/99
11. Pianists: 1'41" 16k MIDI 4k NWC 2.2m MP3 09/99
12. Fossils: 1'19" 19k MIDI 6k NWC 1.8m MP3 09/99
13. The Swan: 2'43" 19k MIDI 5k NWC 3.1m MP3 09/99
14. Finale: 2'00" 58k MIDI 12k NWC 2.4m MP3 09/99

BIZET, GEORGES (France, 1838-1875)
L'Arlésienne, suite no. 1 (1872)
2. Minuetto: 3'12" 35k MIDI 10k NWC 4.4m MP3 10/01
L'Arlésienne, suite no. 2 (1875)
3. Menuett: 4'25" 33k MIDI 8k NWC 5.1m MP3 10/01

CHABRIER, EMMANUEL (France, 1841-1894)
España, rhapsody for orchestra (1883)
Allegro con fuoco: 6'15" 177k MIDI 52k NWC 8.7m MP3 03/01

DVORÁK, ANTONÍN (Bohemia, 1841-1904)
Serenade for strings, in E major, op. 22 (1875)
1. Moderato: 4'47" 32k MIDI 10k NWC 6.7m MP3 01/00
2. Tempo di Valse: 6'24" 77k MIDI 10k NWC 9.0m MP3 01/00
3. Scherzo - Vivace: 5'28" 55k MIDI 13k NWC 7.7m MP3 01/00
4. Larghetto: 5'25" 23k MIDI 8k NWC 7.6m MP3 01/00
5. Finale - Allegro vivace: 6'05" 45k MIDI 15k NWC 8.6m MP3 01/00

GRIEG, EDVARD HAGERUP (Norway, 1843-1907)
Two Elegiac Melodies, op. 34 (1880)
2. Last Spring: 4'45" 24k MIDI 7k NWC   05/00

CHUECA, FEDERICO (Spain, 1846-1908) and VALVERDE, JOAQUÍN (Spain, 1846-1910)
La Gran Vía (High Street), zarzuela (1886)
Introduction and Streets' Polka:
90k MIDI
19k NWC

BRETÓN, TOMÁS (Spain, 1850-1923)
Escenas andaluzas (Andalusian scenes), suite for orchestra (1894)
1. Bolero: 7'08" 95k MIDI 27k NWC   01/99
2. Polo Gitano: 4'34" 50k MIDI 12k NWC   01/99
La Verbena de la Paloma, zarzuela (1894)
Preludio: 3'44" 47k MIDI 14k NWC   01/99

CHAPÍ, RUPERTO (Spain, 1851-1909)
La Bruja (The Witch), zarzuela (1887)
Jota: 3'59" 51k MIDI 8k NWC   03/99
La Revoltosa (The Lively Girl), zarzuela (1897)
Preludio: 5'04" 75k MIDI 19k NWC 4.7m MP3 01/99
    Note: MP3 file converted from MIDI by Francisco Javier Guezala-Gochi. Thank you, Javier!

GIMÉNEZ, GERÓNIMO (Spain, 1854-1923)
El baile de Luis Alonso (Luis Alonso's dance), zarzuela (1896)
Intermedio: 3'37" 59k MIDI 14k NWC 3.3m MP3 11/01
La boda de Luis Alonso (Luis Alonso's wedding), zarzuela (1897)
Intermedio: 5'47" 136k MIDI 31k NWC 5.3m MP3 07/01

PUCCINI, GIACOMO (Italy, 1858-1924)
Tosca, opera (1900)
Third act, orchestral selection: 14'21" 111k MIDI 34k NWC 16.4m MP3 04/02

WOLF, HUGO (Austria, 1860-1903)
Italian Serenade, in G major (1892)
Version for small orchestra: 7'29" 99k MIDI 30k NWC 10.5m MP3 06/99

SIBELIUS, JEAN (Finland, 1865-1957)
Incidental music to Kuolema (The Death), op. 44 (1904)
Valse Triste: 5'53" 46k MIDI 9k NWC 6.7m MP3 05/00

20th century

RAVEL, MAURICE (France, 1875-1937)
Le Tombeau de Couperin, suite (1917-1919)
Menuet, piano solo version: 4'30" 12k MIDI 6k NWC   08/98
Menuet, orchestra version: 4'35" 38k MIDI 11k NWC   08/98

RESPIGHI, OTTORINO (Italy, 1879-1936)
Antiche danze ed arie per liuto, suite no. 1 (1917)
I. Balleto di S. Molinaro [1599]: 2'33" 34k MIDI 9k NWC 3.5m MP3 01/03
II. Gagliarda di V. Galilei [155...]: 3'32" 65k MIDI 12k NWC 5.0m MP3 01/03
III. Villanella di Ignoto [end 16th c.]: 4'07" 27k MIDI 7k NWC 5.8m MP3 01/03
IV. Passo mezzo e Mascherada [end 16th c.]: 3'35" 74k MIDI 22k NWC 5.0m MP3 01/03

ENESCU, GEORGE (Romania, 1881-1955)
Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, op. 11, no. 1 (1901)
Moderato: 13'14" 274k MIDI 82k NWC 18.0m MP3 01/02

BARTÓK, BÉLA (Hungary, 1881-1945)
Roumanian Folk Dances, piano solo version (1918)
0. Complete version: 4'13" 21k MIDI 7k NWC 4.9m MP3 12/99
1. Der Tanz mit dem Stabe: 1'02" 4k MIDI 3k NWC 1.2m MP3 12/99
2. Brâul: 0'29" 3k MIDI 2k NWC 0.6m MP3 12/99
3. Der Stampfer: 0'46" 3k MIDI 2k NWC 0.9m MP3 12/99
4. Tanz aus Butschum: 0'37" 4k MIDI 2k NWC 0.7m MP3 12/99
5. Rumänische Polka: 0'31" 6k MIDI 2k NWC 0.6m MP3 12/99
6. Schnell-Tanz: 0'51" 7k MIDI 3k NWC 1.0m MP3 12/99

SOUTULLO, REVERIANO (Spain, 1884-1932) y VERT, JUAN (Spain, 1890-1931)
La leyenda del beso (The Legend of the Kiss), zarzuela (1924), arrg. for brass band
Intermedio: 4'36" 68k MIDI 15k NWC 4.2m MP3 01/99

BRITTEN, BENJAMIN (Great Britain, 1913-1976)
The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, variations and fugue on a theme of Purcell, op. 34 (1946)
Version without spoken commentary: 16'17" 189k MIDI 74k NWC 14.8m MP3 11/00


Recent transcriptions tend to be better than older ones.

MIDI is the preferred format since it allows for several optimizations not possible in NWC format.

MP3 files (Fixed Bit Rate 128, 160 or 192 Kbps for some and Variable Bit Rate 96-320 Kbps for the rest) are generated from the MIDI files with the exact sound I get when I adjust my transcriptions.

When playing back MP3 files please make sure that the play back software doesn't add any supplementary sound effects. All the effects needed are already built in the MP3 files in the right proportion. Supplementary effects may produce unintended distorsions or noises.

All MIDI and NWC sequences are optimized for a Sound Blaster Live! sound card with the 8 MB E-MU General MIDI soundfont. (Live! users: please select Default Reverb at 100% in Environmental Audio.) On the contrary, MP3 files are much less sensitive to the specificities of the installed sound card.

Composers are sorted by date of birth. Century assignments depend on composers' flourishing time, estimated 30 years after their birth.

This web site is willingly limited to a single page.

If you have had the patience to listen to any of my transcriptions and you wish to share with me your comments, even negative and critical ones, please do write to me. I will appreciate it. Send your comments to

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